MakeUps – Rotary eClub One

“Without regular attendance, you really aren’t part of the organization’s mission and goals, because you don’t experience the camaraderie.” Tom McNulty, Rotarian, 31 years of perfect attendance

      When you have missed a meeting at your home club, the Rotary eClub One site offers the best and easiest way to complete a makeup. Since Rotary eClub One is an internet based club, they cannot draw on a local community for support of their service projects. As a result, the Make-Up Programs on our website are the primary fundraising means they have to support Rotary initiated service projects across the globe. So, in the spirit of Rotarian service, they suggest that you please consider making a donation that would be equal to the price of your weekly Rotary Meeting.

To start, choose a makeup program to read or watch by searching their extensive library of makeup materials. Upon completing your makeup program, complete the form and click submit.

You cannot request multiple makeups at once. If you need more makeups, please review additional material and complete another form.

Information you will need to complete your Makeup:
A. Club Secretary’s Email Address -¬†
B. Club Name – Summerville
C. Club District – 7770
D. Date of Missed Meeting (can only be two weeks before or two weeks after the date of the missed meeting).

A copy of your makeup will be sent the Club Secretary as indicated who will record your makeup.

To Makeup on-line through eclub, please click here.