Charter Members

The Rotary Club of Summerville was chartered on April 11, 1947.  The Charter Members were as follows:

B.  E. Anderson, Lumber

W. M. Ball, Nurseryman

Sam Barshay, Drygoods

J. J. Bowen, Service Station

H. P. Compton, Coca Cola

D. P. Dehon, Insurance Agent

Duke Haynes, Forrester

E. M. Jones, Chevrolet

Joseph Hutchinson, Summerville Depository

S. E. Hutson, Paint Store

Gordon Luke, Mill Supply

Louis M. Miles, Physician

G. G. Miler, Dry Cleaners

Wilfred Moore, Carolina Inn

T. B Moore, Community Public Works

A. H. Peters, Mayor

P. F. Smith, Petroleum Wholesaler

E. G. Stockard, Classification Unknown

O’Ferral Thompson, Episcopal Clergy

E. N. Vincent, Hospital manager

Legare Walker, Attorney

F. A. Walker, Knitting Goods Management


The Charter Officers were as follows:

Joseph Hutchinson, President

P. F. Smith, Vice President

B. E. Anderson, Secretary

D. P. Dehon, Treasurer

R. A. Walker, Sergeant-at-Arms

H. P. Compton, Director

Gordon Luke, Director

O’Ferrall Thompson, Director